The Sarah & Sally Show

For the first season of The Sarah & Sally Show, Sarah and Sally have pulled recordings from their archives of interviews with artists on the cusp of career-defining moments for their podcast. Listen to the show below.

British twins, Sarah J. Edwards and Sally A. Edwards own publishing company BLAG.

Sally and Sarah started BLAG, a fanzine while they were at art school in the 90’s using a DIY approach:

Saturday job pay, fake id, a camera, typewriter, access to a payphone, one hour photoshop and after asking nicely—unofficially, an art college photocopier. BLAG was secretly born as a Xerox’d ‘zine, heavily inspired by deluxe glossy golden era style magazines. Mixing humorous interviews. Sally and Sarah grew the ‘zine to an international glossy using job wages, ambition and determination.

The twins have been responsible for championing culture in the form of musicians, actors and artists ahead of the curve, from Questlove, The Neptunes, J. Dilla and OutKast to Adrien Brody, James McAvoy and Cillian Murphy to Queens of The Stone Age, The Raconteurs and Amy Winehouse.

The Sarah & Sally Show features hilarious and inspiring interviews with icons in music. Listen via here, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

British twins and BLAG magazine co-founders Sarah J. Edwards and Sally A. Edwards.
Hosts of podcast, The Sarah & Sally Show

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