Fine Art Photography & Photography Prints

Photography of iconic musicians from our stunning archives, shot by Sarah J. Edwards on medium format film are now available for collectors and fans.

Art Collectors & Music Fans

Fine art photography prints of iconic musicians are now available to art collectors and fans alike.

Fine Art Photography and Prints

Sarah J. Edwards has shot some of the world’s leading musicians, actors and artists across three decades. Her photography has been recognised worldwide and features in New York Times Documentary, The Legacy Of Hip Hop Visionary J Dilla and is currently exhibited in Chicago at the From Her To Eternity exhibition curated by Courtney Love and Julie Panebianco.


Artists absolutely adore collaborating with BLAG magazine’s co-founders, Sarah J. Edwards and Sally A. Edwards, due to their distinctively down-to-earth and undeniably fun approach to photoshoots. The outcome is nothing short of exceptional: a blend of elevated production quality and enduring timelessness. The sheer dedication these visionary individuals bring to their craft continues to captivate artists worldwide.


Photography available includes an extensive range of artists including Amy Winehouse and Beastie Boys, Jack White, Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age, Questlove, Andre 3000 and J Dilla. These artists have contributed greatly to the music industry, leaving a lasting impact on both their fans and the wider music community. Their unique talents and musical prowess are beautifully captured in the photographs available to collectors and fans alike. Each photograph provides a glimpse into the lives and careers of these extraordinary artists, showcasing their passion, talent, and individuality. Whether you are a fan of Beastie Boys’ iconic hip hop style, or Jack White’s innovative approach to music, there is something captivating for everyone in this expanded collection of photography.

Own An Iconic Moment in Music

Art collectors and fans alike now have the opportunity to own a piece of music history by purchasing limited edition, numbered and signed photography prints or open editions in the BLAG Gallery shop.