Tuesday 19th September 2023

Books continue to go through production.

Please note however, Sally and Sarah were taken ill in August and are starting to recover. Sarah has also unfortunately had to undergo emergency surgeries and further medical attendance as a repercussion of the bikes accident. They apologise for the delay as this has somewhat slowed production, however please rest assured knowing orders continue to be processed. 

Thanks for your patience!

Sarah & Sally 

Sarah & Sally 

Tuesday 8th August 2023

​If you have ordered BLAG Vol.4 Nø1, HIP HOP, ART and MUSIC books by now, many thanks for your order. 

You kindly pre-ordered your copies which means we’ve been doing interviews and creating content, editing then designing across the titles during the pre-order period.

We’re happy to let you know, Sally has completed the design and Vol.4 Nø 1, the Hip Hop and Art Books which are all ready to print. Please note, one of the featured artists required a change after they received their sample copy. This has meant moving the print slot.

We are now being allocated new slots by the printer and are making each copy individually then they will ship to you. 

Each take approx 10-15 working days to print, bind and finish, shipping takes approx 5-15 working days. 

Please note we both contracted Covid quite badly during production, which proved difficult while continuing accident recovery therapy. As such we were been held up by several weeks. 

Thank you again. 

We’re very grateful for your orders and excited for you to get your editions. We really appreciate your patience, as there’s literally just the two of us doing all this!

​If you are new to BLAG, you can read our biography here

Watch an introduction from here

With best wishes to you,

Sally and Sarah