Wednesday 27th March – Updated

We understand some customers haven’t received the orders that were made, for this we sincerely apologise.

We strive to deliver high quality work, yet we’re all human and sometimes things can go wrong. We want to assure have investigated this and understand this is due to a technical fault. Therefore, we’re currently arranging replacement orders with our new production facility. We have now identified all orders which were subject to this unprecedented hold up.

We politely request patience while we complete replacements (please note there are several public holidays forthcoming.)

We will do our utmost to do this as quickly as possible, though we must work normal hours to maintain high quality standards and keep healthy as per the below. 

Please note, V4N1, books and associated clothing products were available on pre-order from late 2022 / early 2023. They were still in creation phase until late July 2023, after this they were due to be submitted for production, please see below for further information pertaining to Sally and Sarah’s health.

We want nothing more than for you all to enjoy the work and creations, however politely request communications remain courteous while we attend to these matters and continue our work. 

We must remind customers that by purchasing products from us, you previously agreed to our T&Cs and Code of Conduct.

Many thanks.

Sunday 17th December

​The majority of orders for BLAG V4N1, books and clothes have now been processed. The final remaining orders will be completed shortly. Customers will be notified via email upon completion. 2023 has been a remarkably challenging year for Sarah and Sally and we thank you for your patience.

We sincerely apologise for the unfortunate delays and that production has taken longer than anticipated. Sally and Sarah were taken seriously ill in August and sadly weren’t available to assist with customers orders as quickly as planned. Sarah has also undergone some emergency surgeries due to repercussions of the bikes accident. They were both able to slowly start some work again during November.

We’ll follow-up with tracking if this option was purchased and again, very much appreciate everyone’s patience.

Please note, we are still working through communications and will be answering remaining queries upon returning to work after the Holidays. 

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with well wishes too and thanks again for your understanding, Sarah and Sally really appreciate it.

This will be the final round of magazines and books handled directly by Sarah and Sally, as they recover, their focus will be back to content creation.

Thanks again for everyone’s support during what has been a completely unexpected and traumatic time. Sally and Sarah are working hard to get back to top form as quickly as humanly possible.