Bill Hader, NASA: More Vol.4 Nø 2 Line Up Revealed

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Vol.4 No 2 line-up so far

Bill Hader

Bill Hader and Sarah J. Edwards in a fun, multi-topic and engaging conversation. Enjoy subjects including the creative process, filming, techniques, water and his personal journey to realising Barry, Bill dissects key scenes from the show, reveals new information on his time at SNL and educates us on treasured filmmakers. After that, Bill unveils an eclectic range of music he’s currently listening to that we’re sure will create a Spotify frenzy.

Bill Hader’s cover features over 20 pages of conversation, portraits and incredible stills from Barry.

Bill Hader Hardback Cover

Astronaut Tracy C Dyson

We’re delighted to add a new cover story. A very funny and informative interview with NASA astronaut Tracy C Dyson ahead of her ‘second long-duration mission to the International Space Station as a flight engineer and member of the Expedition 70/71 crew.’

Tracy is a highly skilled scientist and astronaut with over 25 years experience at NASA. 

Tracy and Sarah had a highly inspirational, mind blowing and eye opening conversation. There are some answers to questions that are rarely dared asked and some little-known astronaut facts revealed. 

Tracy C Dyson Astronaut at NASA talks to BLAG about her new six month mission to the International Space Station.

Lashana Lynch is Sally A. Edwards’ first face-to-face film cover interview since the hiatus with a stunning photoshoot by Sarah J. Edwards. 

The interview is like nothing you’ve read before and may not anywhere else. It’s passionate and soulful. The interview effectively time travels back and forth looking at key moments that changed trajectories. We take Lashana back to give her young self for advice and really get to the root of the energy and emotion it takes to carry such a successful career. This is an absolute must-read. 

Lashana Lynch for BLAG magazine
Lashana Lynch by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine

Refik Anadol will be the art cover for this edition and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ll take a dive into not only Refik Anadol’s new show, ‘Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive’ now on at the Serpentine but also discover the similarities of data to human minds, the enormity of Refik’s works. 

Sally A. Edwards will be asking important and thought-provoking questions about AI. Accompanying the cover feature will be a photoshoot of Refik Anadol by Sarah J. Edwards. 

Refik Anadol for BLAG by Sarah J. Edwards
Refik Anadol for BLAG by Sarah J. Edwards

Inside, you can also enjoy a breath taking photography portfolio curated by Sally and Sarah from earth to the stars, taken by the astronauts learning all about our incredible universe. 

On World Peace: Chuck D, Pharrell Williams, and André 3000 all share their intelligent ideas on world peace. These shoots and interviews took place over 20 years ago and the content is still as pressing to this day.

Dennis Hopper

Published for the first time in-full and in-depth a phone conversation Sally A. Edwards had with legend, Dennis Hopper over 20 years ago. You may wonder why print now? It’s a fascinating read. “There’s a calmness and honesty about Dennis Hopper discussing his work,” explains Sally. “His creating and how he made things happen is nothing short of inspiring. There’s an essence to the actuality of his work and the process that’s missing today. In conclusion, I believe the conversation will wake-up and elicit some inspired emotion.”

And Action

A fine selection of film and television curated especially for readers. 

Published with a stunning portfolio of stills photography, we dive into key must-watch films and television.

We also speak to Courtney McBroom, Food Consultant for Apple TV’s Lessons In Chemistry starring Brie Larson based on the wildly successful novel by Bonnie Garmus.

Good Lifestyle Curated

A stunning selection of spaces and places to visit. 

Bill Hader ‘Barry’ BLAG magazine cover

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André 3000 Portrait by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine
André 3000 Portrait by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine

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