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Vol.4 Nø 2


Luxury Coffee Table Edition with hardback and paperback choices.

In BLAG Vol.4 Nø 2 we celebrate creativity.

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Read unexpected stories direct from icons, Multi-Award winning director / writer / actor / comedian Bill Hader, to the innovative rebels Barbara Kruger and Dennis Hopper.

Meet NYC-based, LAUNDRY DAY, who eschew contemporary music industry challenges with an enviable DIY approach.

Dive into our selects for must-see film and television with some sweet interviews to enjoy.



Large hardback limited edition to 1,000 copies, Bill Hader jacket with red leather hardback.

Large paperback with two cover choices (Paperback 1 and Paperback 2) open editions

+ Bill Hader ‘Barry’ cover open editions in hardback and paperback.

Featuring brand new, republished and unpublished long-form content with:

Bill Hader

Bill Hader and Sarah J. Edwards in a fun, multi-topic and engaging conversation. Enjoy subjects including the creative process, filming, techniques, water and his personal journey to realising Barry, Bill dissects key scenes from the show, reveals new information on his time at SNL and educates us on treasured filmmakers. After that, Bill unveils an eclectic range of music he’s currently listening to that we’re sure will create a Spotify frenzy.
Bill Hader’s cover features over 20 pages of conversation, portraits and incredible stills from Barry. 

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Bill Hader ‘Barry’ cover:

Dennis Hopper

Published for the first time in-full and in-depth a phone conversation Sally A. Edwards had with legend, Dennis Hopper over 20 years ago. You may wonder why print now? It’s a fascinating read. “There’s a calmness and honesty about Dennis Hopper discussing his work,” explains Sally. “His creating and how he made things happen is nothing short of inspiring. There’s an essence to the actuality of his work and the process that’s missing today. In conclusion, I believe the conversation will wake-up and elicit some inspired emotion.”


In renowned BLAG style, we bring you an in-depth feature with the gifted NYC-based, LAUNDRY DAY. A DIY band pulling out all the stops to make it. For instance, driving their own tour bus, making their own videos and designing their own merch. Sally A. Edwards had a very open and hilarious conversation with Jude, Sawyer, Etai, Henry and Henry discovering their work ethics, dreams for a better future, their eclectic taste and how vitally, they are each other’s support system.

BLAG is created and cultivated to be your go-to title. Indulge in original, down-to-earth, hilarious and highly inspiring stories. Classy and funny, BLAG is your favourite antidote.

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André 3000 Portrait by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine

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