BLAG Clothing: Your Favourites Are Back!


Les Twins’ Laurent in his BLAG logo hoodie

BLAG clothing returns! Classic, beloved designs from the esteemed label have made a triumphant comeback!

Logos and hand-crafted designs are boldly emblazoned onto premium, eco-friendly garments, ensuring utmost comfort, unmatched style, and a touch of personal flair.

BLAG pieces have been worn by Les Twins, Joey Bada$$, TroyBoi, Noomi Rapace, and have left their mark in the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, New York, and London. From esteemed chefs to boundary-pushing artists, from soul-stirring musicians to spellbinding actors, our designs have captivated the hearts of these remarkable individuals. With unparalleled craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we take immense pride in witnessing our creations become an integral part of the dynamic world of creativity and self-expression.

There are also legendary designs available again from the Tom Hardy collaboration lead by the Nø One London design – an intricate map of London with secret messaging across Tom’s hand. Other designs were created by the trio include the Ace of Hearts and Clubs and BLAG Kings.

L-R: Sarah J. Edwards, Tom Hardy and Sally A. Edwards

Lastly, there are a few logo pieces that have become favourites among those we have gratefully created them for. These logo designs are not only cherished by us but also by the lucky recipients who have had the pleasure of experiencing our creativity and dedication. We take great pride in the love and appreciation these logos have garnered, and we are honored to share them with you.

Visit the BLAG shop for clothes here

Or by special invitation, visit the Secret Shop here use the password: secretshop to access sample pieces and special releases from the Tom Hardy archives.