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Groundbreaking Celebrity Interviews

Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards, Co-Founders of BLAG, the renowned publication known for its groundbreaking celebrity interviews, are excited to announce the launch of the brand new BLAG Magazine site. This launch marks a significant milestone for the media industry and BLAG Magazine as it embraces the digital era and expands its reach to a wider audience. 

Co-founded by British twins, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards, the newly designed site marks another evolution for BLAG.

Enhanced Online Experience 

The new BLAG Magazine site promises to provide an enhanced online publishing experience for BLAG enthusiasts globally. With a sleek and modern design, the site offers an intuitive user interface that ensures seamless navigation and easy access to a wealth of captivating content. Readers can explore a vast archive of celebrity interviews, engaging articles, and captivating visuals that have made BLAG Magazine a respected name in the media landscape.

Pioneer In The Industry

As a pioneer in the industry, BLAG Magazine has continuously pushed boundaries to deliver exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most celebrated personalities. From Hollywood A-listers to fashion icons, each interview offers readers a unique glimpse into the lives and minds of these influential individuals. The new website will ensure that these interviews are readily available to fans, providing an immersive and interactive platform to delve into their favorite feature stories.

New Experience

In addition to the engaging content, the new website will also feature a range of exciting interactive elements and editorials: Snacks, & Action! and Good Lifestyle Curated. Readers can expect behind-the-scenes stories, curated content, and intimate photo galleries that bring the magazine’s pages to life. BLAG Magazine’s brand new website is designed to captivate its audience and deliver a truly immersive online experience.


BLAG Magazine’s decision to launch a brand new website exemplifies its commitment to adapt to the evolving media landscape. By embracing digital platforms, the publication aims to engage a wider audience and connect with readers on a global scale. The website launch is a testament to Blag Magazine’s dedication to providing captivating content and reimagining the way readers consume media.


To explore the all-new BLAG Magazine site and experience the rich content it has to offer, visit Stay connected with BLAG Magazine on social media for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes scoops.


In addition BLAG, now in its 30th year has released a series of books, MUSIC, ART and HIP HOP with selected best of interviews in over 1000 pages collectively. 

In-depth and original features and photoshoots by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards with the world’s leading artists in music, film and art. BLAG Premium includes hours of archival features, interviews and photoshoots with award-winning artists on the cusp of career defining moments.
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