Laundry Day for BLAG magazine

Laundry Day for BLAG magazine

Laundry Day for BLAG magazine. The feel good interview arrives soon on BLAG Premium.

The New York five piece have just released a new single from their brand new album Younger Than I Was Before. The video for My Life is all out D.I.Y. and we love it.

The video sees Laundry Day shooting hoops before cleaning up with Matilda Marigolds. The featured artist’s sweet vocals round out the song.

My Life By Laundry Day video

Laundry Day for BLAG magazine

Laundry Day’s Sawyer Nunes, Etai Abramovich, Jude Ciulla-Lipkin, Henry Weingartner and Henry Pearl got together to receive the BLAG treatment. The interview via zoom arriving soon on BLAG is the length of a perfect feature film.

Sawyer, Etai, Jude, Henry and HP gathered round in the basement where they made their latest album. Sally A. Edwards conducted the interview with hilarious, inspiring and creative results. The band were totally game for the line of questioning. We know you’ll be delighted by it. It’s epic.

Stay tuned for its release.

Please note: This search engine friendly press release reads in a different tone to the creative, in-depth, personality based features BLAG is renowned for.

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