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BLAG Vol.4 Nø 1

BLAG Vol.4 Nø 1: Luxury Coffee Table Editions from BLAG magazine, for each copy ordered, we have a tree planted.

This edition is about choice: Choose from limited edition collector’s rare large hardback to limited edition large paperback, small hardback or small paperback.

This item is made-to-order on pre-order.


Collect covers featuring Edgar Plans, ATARASHII GAKKO!, JAWNY, Ryan McGinness, Questlove or Daniel Arsham.

We’ve all experienced some extremely tough times over the past few years, so Sally and Sarah have created a luxury companion that inspires and elicits positive emotions. The return of BLAG is again classy and funny containing curated and finely tuned content for our discerning readers.

Sally and Sarah helm the title and have created original content not to be found anywhere else. They’ve also invited very special guest contributions in line with the edition’s theme.

The print edition is be a neat and tidy large format glossy to sit proudly on your coffee table, with the option of a small version to take on your travels or place on your side tables.

Vol.4 Nø 1 is themed: Back To Peace and Love. Intricately designed and art directed by Sally. Edited and published by Sally and Sarah. BLAG Vol.4 Nø 1 contains no advertising and is supported by readers alone.

The edition covers music, art and culture bringing back beloved editorials: Ten Essentials along with stunning photography and thoughtful writing.




A very appropriate return to the cover for Questlove as BLAG having gave him his very first cover back in 1997.

Inside, 10 pages of insight and photography. Sally explains, “I created an otherworldly cover for Questlove, inspired by universal creativity with ideas continually flowing weaving hints of Aquarius to personalise. The cover title ‘Back to peace and Questlove’ is a homecoming for us all giving Questlove another cover. Secondly, it’s a play on words to reveal the running thread through the edition. The story contains excerpts from three interviews over three decades conducted by myself and Sarah – timeless, inspiring, real and of course funny. As apt as it gets for right now.


ATARASHII GAKKO! are interviewed by singer / songwriter / producer Money Mark in their first international cover story outside of Japan. Photography is by Dennis Leupold with additional Art by Sarah. Inside you’ll find a 20 page feature of interview (in English), photographs and art. Enjoy over 3000 words of pure happiness.


Edgar Plans

For Edgar Plans, across 20 pages we present an interview in English and Spanish alongside a portfolio of works selected by Edgar and curated by Sally and Sarah. The story covers Edgar’s early days and delves into his Animal Heroes, which at first glance may appear cute, though upon closer inspection you’ll discover their profound messaging. We believe, they will spread their intended love around the world. Edgar’s goal for them is to become synonymous with positivity, kindness and support.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness, “Keep as much of your own work as possible. When an artist starts to enter the market, each work of art becomes a share in the artist’s now public corporation. One should always be the majority shareholder in order to maintain control. Other advice: Don’t try to make art. The best art has not yet…” Ryan McGinness also gets a cover of BLAG magazine Vol.4 Nø 1, inside an inspiring in-depth interview and portfolio of works. Across 12 pages.

Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham interview and art portfolio. How Successful People Communicate And Other Stories. Sarah talks to Daniel Arsham about the experience that inspired his now world famous art. It’s not what you’d expect and it involves some serious futuristic thinking. Across 10 pages.


Hip Hop

To continue with the celebration of HIP HOP’s big birthday this year, the edition features a portfolio of photographs by Sarah J. Edwards, including unpublished or unseen portraits of Questlove, OutKast, Pete Rock, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, Ludacris, Dead Prez, The Neptunes, Lupe Fiasco, Yasiin Bey and Wu-Tang. Across eight pages.

Ten Essentials

Ten Essential Ways To Find Your Peace and Ten Essential Ways To Take Care of Yourself In and Enjoy London are combined with a Peaceful London Photography Portfolio – you’ll have never seen the city quite like this, presenting art created by Sarah using photography of the city’s hidden gems and more famous places. Running over eight pages.

Introducing ORIGINALS

Presenting original art for the forthcoming BLAG ORIGINALS by Sally and Sarah. A sneak preview of art created to accompany original fiction written by Sally and Sarah to be told in multiple ways – over four pages.

BLAG Vaults

Janelle Monáe and Andrew Garfield

BLAG Vaults – Enjoy select photography and interviews from the iconic archives. This edition we re-publish Janelle Monáe and an excerpt from Andrew Garfield’s first interviews with BLAG. Two pages each.


Available in limited edition paperback: large, small, or small hardback.


Limited Edition Large Hardback Cover, only 100 to be made.

Editions of 1500 each per small hardback, small paperback and large paperback.

Hardbacks are board covers, wrapped in print with a dust jacket over, artworks are listed below for each cover option.

Paperbacks are single cardboard covers.

Questlove Hardback with Dust Jacket with Galaxy stars art hardcover.

Edgar Plans Options:
Large Hardback with: My Daily News and No 88, Dust Jacket, with No151 and Do You Believe In Ghosts Hardback.
Small Hardback with: Animal Heroes with No151 and Do You Believe In Ghosts Hardback.
Large Paperback covers feature: Animal Heroes on the front and back. 
Small Hardback covers feature My Daily News and No 88

Ryan McGinness Hardback with Condition Report (2022) (front) and Recreational Use (2022) (back) Dust Jacket with Master of Reality (2007) hardcover.

Daniel Arsham Hardback with Bronze Eroded Venus of Aries (front) and Blue Calcite Eroded Nypmh with Shell (back) Dust Jacket with Cave of the Sublime, Iceland hardcover

JAWNY cover with California Photography, Portraits by Michael Tyrone Delaney.

ATARASHII GAKKO! cover with portrait photography by Dennis Leupold and Artwork and London photography by Sarah J. Edwards. Paperback with flowers and street art, Limited Edition Hardback with sports photos and flowers and street art dust jacket.

This item is made-to-order on pre-order. For production updates, please visit our news page:

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    Back To Black: The Making Of The Album By Amy Winehouse

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    Sally A. Edwards met Julian Casablancas in Manchester when he was on his first solo tour promoting, Phrazes for the Young. The two discussed creativity, success and collaborations.

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André 3000 Portrait by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine
André 3000 Portrait by Sarah J. Edwards for BLAG magazine

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