Amy Winehouse BLAG magazine shoot by Sarah J. Edwards. Amy Winehouse is pictured just before Back To Black was released

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Amy Winehouse discussed Back To Black with Sarah

In 2006 on the cusp of her life-changing album release, Amy Winehouse invited Sarah to join her at Selfridges, London when she was having a manicure.

The two discussed the making of Back To Black to the soundtrack of thumping house music. The full story and photographs including an unpublished polaroid feature in new book, MUSIC.

Go back in time and join them in a moment that was on the eve of music history in new book, MUSIC.

The collectors hardback and paperback features over 30 artists on the cusp of career-defining moments in conversation with Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards.

Pick up the book MUSIC to read in full, here.

MUSIC book by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards of BLAG magazine

Photographs of Amy Winehouse appear in the book, MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY with all photography by Sarah J. Edwards.

Fine Art Photography – Limited Editions and Open Editions are also available in the BLAG Books and Photography Shop

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