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N*E*R*D on women

Sarah: I wanted to talk to you about women, because you're obviously big fans of the ladies. I'm really interested in the male perspective... Well, I don't know if it's my age or the way media is changing but, it just seems to be all about retouching and anti-aging. I was curious to find out your perspective on that, or if you even notice it and how it's changed over the past few years? I guess we're all a similar age and you see people aging, I wondered if you feel any pressure on it?
Shae: I honestly don't see it as an issue.
Pharrell: Yeah.
Shae: I like older women. I like wrinkles. There's something about it. It turns me on.
Sarah: [Laughing] Really? Ha! I think you should do an ad, that would be so cool.
Shae: I really do. I was talking about this the other day. There's something about older women. I don't know what it is, but I really have got a true fetish for them. I think it's their experience.
Sarah: [Laughing] What kind of age? Do you want to cap it, make sure people don't get concerned?
Shae: You'll be surprised.
Sarah: [Laughing] Argh! Pharrell, how about you? I'm not asking you about older women or anything, by the way.
Pharrell: I think, you know, initially it's some sort of cute aspect about a woman that gets my attention. What ultimately keeps my attention is her brain and interesting conversation, just her being more so of a conversational and education [person]. That does it for me.
Shae: She's talking about age.
Pharrell: I know, that's what I'm saying.
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