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Slash for BLAG Vol.3 Nø 2 | Interview Excerpt

I read a quote with you about the fact that you’re most proud about being really genuine.

“That’s bullshit!” [laughing]

Is it?! Were you lying?

“I don’t remember ever saying that.” [laughing]

Really? It’s here! ‘…what I’m most proud of is that I’m genuine. I’ve never been some fly-by-night joke who just wanted to be a rock star…’

“But that could be fourth generation by the time you’ve got it.”

Let’s see how true it is. I like this quote…

“I like to consider myself as being pretty sort of down-to-earth and not being sort of full of shit.”


“A lot of bells and whistles, hoops to jump through.”

Yes. It also said you really admire people who love what they do to a point that they’ll stop at nothing to make sure it happens.

“Yes, that’s very true.”

Good. I’m glad about that. Also, that you’re really optimistic.

“I try to be. It’s sort of a dichotomy, I’m very optimistic, yet I’m always prepared for the worst.”

That’s probably the best way to be. What do you think are the keys or elements that keep you inspired with fresh ideas?

“I think that, um.. That’s a good question. I really, really love what I do and I seem to enjoy it more as time goes by and find more stuff to do with it and have points that I want to get to and sort of enjoy the journey to get there and I think that’s probably what keeps me going.

“I’m one of the few guys that’s been doing this – at least out of my peers – who’s been doing this, this long and am not sort of complaining and bitter about the whole thing.” If you’ve set yourself up for the worst, then you’re also prepared to make sure that it doesn’t happen. “I hadn’t really gotten to the point of being that analytical about it.”

[laughing] Oh, hadn’t you?

“You’re probably right.”

[laughing, kind of gobsmacked]

“I don’t really dwell on that stuff that much.”

[still laughing] Don’t you?

“You don’t really think about this stuff until somebody interviews you.”

I just got all this from reading interviews with you.

“That’s the other thing, I don’t read anything that I actually do, so. I make a point of not.”

Sally [to Sarah]: You can write anything now!

[laughing] Yeah, I know.

[laughs] “You have to.”

Excerpt of interview by Sarah J. Edwards with Slash for BLAG Vol.3 Nø 2

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