BLAG™ magazine
for Sophisticated Rebels and Savvy Individuals by British twins Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards.

BLAG label by
Sally, Sarah & Tom Hardy

BLAG Readers

Happy 20th anniversary BLAG !

Camille Boyer (@UndergroundLdie) for Blag magazine 20th Birthday

Here we are, 20 years ! Congratulation girls for leading this amazing work, I’m French, but your magazine still one of the most important inspiration ! Great pictures, amazing interview … I took this opportunity, sending you a picture of me, your most faithful French reader :) When I saw your proposition this morning, I grab my camera, call my best friend, and here we are … I hope you liked this picture, inspired by the fantastic photograph of Jim Sturgess from the Blag Vol 3 No2

Again thanks for everything ! Keep going 

Je vous embrasse ! Camille Boyer (@UndergroundLdie ;