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50 Cent

50 Cent | Things to avoid when approaching the ladies

Sarah: Ok, tips on approaching ladies for our male readers and five things to avoid for a successful date?

50: Ah man! Five things to avoid for a successful date? I mean, tips on approaching women.. I think you should make eye contact before you say anything to her, so you don’t startle her, you know, when you run up on her. [Laughs] Don’t run up on her, you know! If you can make a woman smile, if you have a sense of humour, then that’s a good approach. If you can be someone that’s fun to be around, I think women are attracted to that. Ummm, what would I do? Don’t try to show the things that you’ve accomplished when you meet a woman, just meet her and let her accept you for yourself before, if she doesn’t already know the things you’ve accomplished, you know, ‘cause power’s an aphrodisiac. People – women and men – are attracted to powerful people, you know, so a particular woman might not be the kind of person that you actually want in your life, when you meet her she might be… The idea of her may be attractive, because she’s powerful, in a good space and vice versa too for a man.

Sally: And what about things to avoid?

50: To Avoid? Oh! Avoid being really close to a woman if your breath is not right. [Laughs] Avoid being over flattering, as far as her appearance is concerned. Attractive women know they’re attractive. They get familiar, because people proposition themselves often to attractive people. You don’t have to continuously comment on a women’s physical appearance of how she looks. Just to comment slightly and keep it moving is good. 

Excerpt from the 50 Cent cover feature | BLAG Vol.2 Nø 1

50 Cent | How to not fall out with your neighbours

Sarah: Can you describe your neighbourhood, because you’ve moved out of the area you grew up, haven’t you?

50: Yeah! There’s a big difference, everything is a little more relaxed, calmer. The people live so far apart from you at this point, that their problems are their problems and your problems are yours. You know, when you’re on top of each other, that’s where the friction comes. In the city, a lot of people are stacked up on top of each other in apartments and if someone has a bad attitude then it’ll come across. If someone’s having a bad day and you say ‘Hi’ and they say nothing back, or you say ‘Hi’ and they say something disrespectful, it’ll put you in a bad mood you know, a bad space and it kinda filters through the whole environment. Yeah, so it’s more you don’t even say ‘Hi’, they don’t even care what you doing; you just mind your business and don’t deal with people and prevent putting yourself in a situation where you’re not happy.

Excerpt from feature in BLAG Vol.2 Nø 1

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