BLAG™ magazine
for Sophisticated Rebels and Savvy Individuals by British twins Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards.

BLAG label by
Sally, Sarah & Tom Hardy


Erick Sermon’s joke

"Stephen Spielberg was shooting this movie…blazin’, blazin’ movie. He had like a 10 million dollar set. And there’s one scene, you know, fires’ supposed to happen, horses going flying, smoke, explosions the whole nine! So, he’s like F*** it, I ain’t gonna miss this scene. I’m gonna get three cameras on this! So, yeah, one camera that way, one camera that way and one camera that way! And he says, ‘There’s no way I’m missin’ this scene! All of a sudden, they get ready to shoot… ACTION! Boom. Horses flyin’ f***in’ explosions, fire, people runnin,’ the whole nine! Shit’s goin’ off and he’s like ‘Cut!’ Everyone’s (clapping hands) ‘Yeah, yeah, way to go!’ So, Stephen says ‘Camera one, did you get that shot?’ ‘Er, nah nah, there’s something wrong with my camera, my camera didn’t work.’ Stephen’s like, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it. Camera two, you got shot?’ He’s like ‘Yeah, I got a little bit, but after a while the fire hit the lens…’ and he goes ‘Alright, camera three, did you get that shot?’ and he goes ‘Ready when you are Stephen! [Laughs] Oh dear!"

*Excerpt from BLAG book

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